The Chuck Wielgus Blog: The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion
Consider this: In 10 years, the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world will be the United States; and in that same time period, the largest English speaking nation in the world will be China.
Top Tips for Including Quality Protein
Swimmers of all ages are asking about the proteins whey and casein. Are they the super stars of proteins?
Wednesday Word: Warm-up
Every week, I will dissect a word, term, or phrase of "Swim Speak." This is geared for new swim parents who are baffled and/or confused by our aquatic culture.
20 Question Tuesday: Haley Anderson
After a silver medal in London and a great career at USC, Haley Anderson just keeps going and going. She’s talks about her recent success and more in this week's 20 Question Tuesday.
Mike's Mailbag: Backstroke Flipping
I am always scared when I do backstroke that I will turn too early and miss the wall. Can you help me?