Mike Gustafson: Using Fear as Motivation
A week ago I wrote a post entitled “Lighten up, Swim Parents!” but “Swim Parents” aren't the only adults in the swimming community who need to “lighten up.”
20 Question Tuesday: Shannon Vreeland
All Shannon Vreeland’s done besides leading Georgia to back-to-back titles is win several international medals. After gold in London, she won more in Barcelona, and at Pan Pacs. She talks about what’s up next in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
Coaching Legend Peter Daland Passes Away
Coaching legend Peter Daland passed away of natural causes this morning at approximately 8:30 Pacific Time. He was 93.
Golden Goggles at a Glance: Coach of the Year
Today we look at the nominees for Coach of the Year. This award is given to the coach whose athlete(s) performed at the highest level throughout the year, with special emphasis on the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships.
How to Deal with the Elements Like a National Teamer
As you’re probably aware, weather conditions at the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia were not ideal for a swim meet. It was rainy; it was windy; and it was cold. In the weeks following the meet, the most frequent question I’ve been asked is, “How did everyone deal with those conditions?”