Catching Up with Marcus Titus
For the record, Marcus Titus never retired from swimming. He never even seriously considered it.
10 Quick Stats, Lessons from SwimToday & 2015 Game Plan
In 2014, we launched the SwimToday campaign with 11 total swimming industry partners and featured the #FunnestSport campaign theme.
Sport Psychology: Game Plans, Battle Plans, Business Plans
In the previous article, seven strategies were briefly introduced. The first strategy is having a PLAN. Call it what you want – game plan, battle plan, business plan -- any of these work.
The Chuck Wielgus Blog: Swimming Needs More Cowbell
Watching Mississippi State play football last fall inspired an idea. There is a parallel with Mississippi State football and the SwimToday campaign’s goal of getting families involved in swimming.
Mike's Mailbag: Taper and Physical Jobs
I'm working a physical job this summer. How can I do my job and still have a great taper?