20 Question Tuesday: Hali Flickinger
Hali Flickinger is ready for what’s next. The NCAA champion Georgia stomping grounds have helped the Pennsylvania native reach the next level, and this summer she’ll represent the U.S. at the World University Games.
Stellar Field Expected for Arena Pro Swim Series at Charlotte
Gold medalists Nathan Adrian, Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are expected to highlight the field for the May 14-17 Arena Pro Swim Series at Charlotte.
Mike's Mailbag: Frenemies
I am a freshman in high school and I swim on an extremely competitive club team. I would define my teammates as “frenemies”. I'm not sure this dynamic is worth my time. Please help.
Will a Woman Swimmer Ever Break a Men’s World Record?
If Katie Ledecky were allowed to compete directly against men, could she beat most of the top men swimmers, particularly in the distance events?
Melanie Margalis: Creating Her Own Swimming Future
Some may assume Melanie Margalis has been swimming in the shadow of her older brother for years but she doesn't see that as a problem.