Ivy Martin: Coming into Her Own
Meteoric. That’s what Ivy Martin’s ascension through the U.S. swimming ranks has been like as of late.
Catching Up With Sara Nicponski
Even when she was one of the best breaststrokers in the world, Sara Nicponski never really felt like she belonged. Now that she’s had some time and distance from swimming competitively – having retired two years ago after 2012 Olympic Trials – she realizes that was never the case.
Colle+McVoy honored for its work on SwimToday
USA Swimming’s ad agency Colle+McVoy was honored with the 2014 OMMA Charity/Non-Profit Organizations Award for its work on the SwimToday campaign.
Mike Gustafson: Lighten Up, Swim Parents!
I’m not a fan of cliché stereotypes that begin with, “There are two types of parents in the world…” but there are definitely two types of parents in the swimming world: The parent that builds, and the parent that breaks.
20 Question Tuesday: Chloe Sutton
Chloe Sutton isn’t going to get down on herself for her swimming. She’s staying as busy as ever in the pool, as an ambassador and clinician. She has not made a decision on 2016 yet, but what she has decided for sure is to keep promoting the sport, its safety, and encouraging the next generation in their swim careers. She talks about all that in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.