Mike's Mailbag: Returning to One's Old Self
Please let me know what I can do to get back in shape. I really do want to return to swimming now that my back injury is so much better.
Catching Up with David Cromwell
When he thinks back about the end of his swimming career, David Cromwell remembers it as a blur.
#SwimShowdown Sweet 16 Voting Now Live
Help determine the top American swimmer in history by casting your vote in #SwimShowdown 2016. Your vote in each round counts, so come back often over the next few weeks.
Ryan Murphy: Swimming Lynch Pin
Last year at his first NCAA Championships, Ryan Murphy’s backstroke events came at the perfect time for him to help his Cal-Berkeley teammates celebrate an NCAA title.
More Than a Race
Before the start of the 100 freestyle at last weekend’s NCAA Division I Women’s Championships, Natalie Hinds’ mom relayed something to her that she hadn’t even realized.