Andrew Gemmell: Excited for New Beginnings
In many ways, Andrew Gemmell has Katie Ledecky to thank for his return to competitive swimming.
Black History Month: Natalie Hinds Dedicated to Promoting Diversity in Swimming
As a young swimmer on a small club in Sugar Land, Texas, Natalie Hinds was the only one on the team with dark skin. It wasn’t much different when she went to swim meets, either.
How to be Mentally Tough
While some swimmers seem to come by it earlier and with ease, mental toughness is something we can all work on.
The Most Important Part of Practice
The most important part of the swimming season, and swim practice, is the five minutes before practice. The five minutes before you dive in, every single day.
Black History Month: Sabir Muhammad Honors His African-American Swim Roots
As far back as when he was a youngster accompanying his mother to a local swimming pool where she worked as a locker room attendant, Sabir Muhammad has been working toward an unselfish goal.