Six Months Out: Day 4 of the Rio Olympic Games
Six months from today, Olympic medals in swimming will be awarded in the women’s 200m free, the women’s 200m IM, and the men’s 200m fly.Team USA’s prospects in each event will come down to who earns a spot on the team at this summer’s U.S. Olympic Team Trials.
What Swimmers Can Learn From Sprint Runners
Here are some basic principles of biomechanics for track sprinters that are relatable to swimming.
Cullen Jones on the Cultural Barriers that Influence the Lack of African-American Involvement in Swimming
"Four-time Olympic Medalist and USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador, Cullen Jones, discusses the cultural barriers that influence the lack of African-American involvement in the sport of swimming.
20 Question Tuesday: Ashley Twichell
Just when you marveled at Ashley Twichell’s resiliency and hope after narrowly missing the Olympic team twice, she's back and contending in the pool. She talks about that and more in this week's 20 Question Tuesday.
20 Question Extra: Simone Manuel
Stanford’s Simone Manuel started pioneering a path as a teenager. The Texas native lead a podium sweep at NCAAs. She explains her feeling about diversity, and her role in pushing the sport -- and the country -- forward, in this week’s 20 Question Extra.
Mike's Mailbag: Food and Fuel
Every day, I go to swimming from 5-8ish. By the time I get home, I have no time to eat dinner. If I do eat before swimming, I get cramps. What do you recommend?