Top Tips for Weight Gain
A mother of a 12-year old swimmer asked about weight-gaining tips for her son. She said he isn’t gaining muscle and weight at the rate she thinks he should, despite her strict attention to his diet of healthy foods.
20 Question Tuesday: Connor Jaeger
With a slew of international medals it seemed only fitting that Connor Jaeger was able to be at his best in Rio and have one of the best swims of his life. He talks about Rio and more in this week's 20 Question Tuesday.
Andrew Gemmell: Excited for New Beginnings
In many ways, Andrew Gemmell has Katie Ledecky to thank for his return to competitive swimming.
How to be Mentally Tough
While some swimmers seem to come by it earlier and with ease, mental toughness is something we can all work on.
The Most Important Part of Practice
The most important part of the swimming season, and swim practice, is the five minutes before practice. The five minutes before you dive in, every single day.