Catching Up with Mike Barrowman
Mike Barrowman is the first to admit he can’t be trusted to balance a checkbook. So it’s a good thing that his work for a bank in the Cayman Islands involves business continuity and disaster recovery.
The Bottomless, Mysterious Swim Bag
Here's a round-up of what you will and what you will not find in a swimmer's trusty, familiar, strange, infinite abyss otherwise known as a Swimmer’s Swim Bag.
USA Swimming Announces 2015-16 National Team
With world-record holders and Olympic gold medalists Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps headlining the roster, USA Swimming today announced the 107 members of the 2015-16 National Team.
20 Question Tuesday: Claire Donahue
Claire Donahue's road to Olympic gold in London was the stuff that dreams are made of, and when she took the proverbial next step and turned professional, her march to 2016 was on.
Mike's Mailbag: Problems Kicking
I've been swimming 7 years. In the past year, my legs lock up when ever I'm doing kick sets in practice and swimming the backstroke. I'm doing PT with limited results. Is there anything else I can try?