Five More to Watch in Omaha
Every year, there are several U.S. swimmers who have the meets of their lives and make their first Olympic team. This summer in Omaha will most likely be no exception.
TYR Fran Crippen Meet of Champions
The TYR Fran Crippen Swim Meet of Champions gets underway later today. Watch it live!
100 Days Out: Insight with Olympic Men’s Head Coach Bob Bowman
2016 Olympic Men's Head Coach, Bob Bowman shares his expectations for the upcoming Olympiad, his thoughts on being named head coach, and the key to coaching success.
Coaches Should Teach Nice Too
My coaches instilled good sportsmanship in me early on but it didn't always stick. A few choice words from coaches over time were enough to cement the point.
The Last Gold Chosen as an Official Program Selection for the 2016 LA Film Festival
USA Swimming is proud to announce that the World Premiere of The Last Gold will take place during the 2016 LA Film Festival in Culver City, California, on Monday, June 6.