20 Question Tuesday: Brent Rutemiller
Brent Rutemiller, CEO of Sports Publications International, is one of the voices in swimming that everyone is aware of due to his tireless work as publisher of Swimming World magazine. He talks about what he hopes to do moving forward, in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
Best Ways to Handle Sugar for Young Swimmers
Sugar, the sweet stuff added to foods in baking and other food processing techniques, is something young swimmers should have a handle on. After all, sugar (or sucrose) is a carb, but it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional power, nor does it offer the long-lasting energy found in complex carbs, like bread, beans, and fruits and veggies.
Mike's Mailbag: Burning Out on a New Team
I have recently started swimming on my new college team. And I am slowly feeling more and more like I made the wrong decision by choosing this college. How do I get the passion I had in high school back?
Katie McLaughlin: Taking the Next Step
It didn't take Katie McLaughlin long to learn something incredibly useful as she moves forward in her swimming career. Enjoy the ride – and have lots of fun.
Club Excellence Spotlight: Carmel Swim Club
Carmel Swim Club, a silver medal club in the 2014 Club Excellence program, made a name for itself once again this summer. The Carmel Swim Club girls captured the team title at the recent Speedo Junior National Championships, with three swimmers earning spots on USA Swimming’s National Junior Team.