Safe Sport Fellows Making A Difference
Each Safe Sport fellow created an initiative for 2016 to help teams in their area better understand Safe Sport values. Read about the difference their projects have made within their swimming community.
Catching Up with Kathleen Hersey
When she competed at the 2012 London Olympics, Kathleen Hersey was without her biggest cheerleader.
Swimming's Not For You If...
Everyone should learn to swim, and at least give competitive swimming a try. However, there are a few telltale signs competitive swimming may not be for you.
Swimmer's Ear: Tips for Parents (Sponsored)
As a swim parent, you play the role of a "lifeguard" for your child year-round, both in and out of the pool. But, do you know how to spot signs of an ear infection in your child?
20 Question Tuesday: Shannon Vreeland
Shannon Vreeland put together a quad that won’t soon be forgotten. The Georgia grad and 2012 Olympian talks about her next adventure in this week's 20 Question Tuesday.
Mike's Mailbag: Transportation to Practices
I've been swimming competitively for an elite team and I've been enjoying it a ton. My parents say they support me but won't drive me to some practices. How can I get them on board with practice transportation?