Black History Month: Coach Marty Keating Has Enjoyed Unparalleled Success for Almost 50 Years
One of Marty Keating’s rules on his first day as a swim coach at the Arnett YMCA in Rochester, N.Y., in 1968 was that no swimmer was allowed into practice if they arrived late.
Mike's Mailbag: Be Patient With Progress
I struggle with every stroke except butterfly. Is it okay to only be good at one thing? If not, what do I do?
Black History Month: Cullen Jones Determined to Earn Degree, Make Next Olympic Team
Getting his degree and getting on the Olympic team had equal priority for Cullen Jones when he decided last fall to stay in the sport.
Sean Lehane: Confident in His Future
Heading into the 2016 Olympic Trials, Sean Lehane knew his events were going to be extremely competitive.
Top Tips for Weight Gain
A mother of a 12-year old swimmer asked about weight-gaining tips for her son. She said he isn’t gaining muscle and weight at the rate she thinks he should, despite her strict attention to his diet of healthy foods.