Leah Smith: Coming into Her Own
Leah Smith has a good bit to live up to when it comes to her athletic genealogy.
Catching Up with Marcus Titus
For the record, Marcus Titus never retired from swimming. He never even seriously considered it.
10 Quick Stats, Lessons from SwimToday & 2015 Game Plan
In 2014, we launched the SwimToday campaign with 11 total swimming industry partners and featured the #FunnestSport campaign theme.
Sport Psychology: Game Plans, Battle Plans, Business Plans
In the previous article, seven strategies were briefly introduced. The first strategy is having a PLAN. Call it what you want – game plan, battle plan, business plan -- any of these work.
The Chuck Wielgus Blog: Swimming Needs More Cowbell
Watching Mississippi State play football last fall inspired an idea. There is a parallel with Mississippi State football and the SwimToday campaign’s goal of getting families involved in swimming.