10 Ways to Avoid Post-Rio Blues
1,422 days until the Tokyo Olympics may sound like a lot. Don't despair, swim fans. Here are 10 Ways to make those days fly by.
17 LSCs to be Honored at 2016 USAS Convention for LEAP Achievements
The goal of the LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program (LEAP) is to assist LSCs in becoming more efficient and effective. The LEAP assessment tool provides a roadmap to LSC effectiveness and success.
20 Question Tuesday: Maritza (Correia) McClendon
You might have heard Olympic medalist and University of Georgia alum Maritza (Correia) McClendon’s name on TV. Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel mentioned her after winning in Rio. McLendon talks about that and more in this week's 20 Question Tuesday.
Signs & Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear (Sponsored)
As swimmers, we are in the water year round, whether we’re doing laps at practice or racing in a meet. And now that it’s summer, you may find yourself in the water even more than usual. This means we could be more prone to getting Swimmer’s Ear—medically known as “acute otitis externa” or “AOE” for short.
Mike's Mailbag: Appreciating What You Already Have
I've recently moved into the top group on my team but I have yet to achieve a state qualifying time. How do I know I belong in the top group?