20 Question Extra: Simone Manuel
Stanford’s Simone Manuel started pioneering a path as a teenager. The Texas native lead a podium sweep at NCAAs. She explains her feeling about diversity, and her role in pushing the sport -- and the country -- forward, in this week’s 20 Question Extra.
Six Months Out: Day 2 of the Rio Olympic Games
Six months from today, Olympic medals in swimming will be awarded in the following individual events: the men’s 100m breast, the women’s 400m free and the women’s 100m fly.
Sarah Henry: Chasing Her Olympic Dream
Sarah Henry is ecstatic. She’s ecstatic about her training and continued improvement with Coach Steve Bultman and the post-graduate swimmers at her alma mater, Texas A&M.
Trotman Continues to Guide and Inspire Young Minority Swimmers
Robert Trotman has been involved with the sport of swimming for more than 50 years in every role, from swimmer and lifeguard, to becoming one of the most prominent minority-serving coaches in the history of swimming.
Cullen Jones on Being a Role Model in the African-American Community
Four time Olympic Medalist, Cullen Jones, discusses what it means being a role model and an Olympic champion in the African-American community despite the misconceptions and stereotypes that swimmers of color face.