Peter Daland: Swimming’s Renaissance Man
Phillip Whitten, the former Editor-in-Chief of Swimming World Magazine and author of 18 swimming-related books, was a good friend and colleague of legendary coach Peter Daland, who passed away Oct. 21 at the age of 93. In this article, Whitten shares his thoughts and remembrances of coach Daland.
Catching Up with Maddy Crippen
Understandably, October is a tough month for Maddy Crippen. It was in this month in 2010 that she and the rest of her family lost brother, Fran, during an open water competition in the United Arab Emirates.
2014 Swim-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas
I've said it before and I’ll say it again: Swimmers don’t let other swimmers dress like swimmers for Halloween. Here's another round of swimmer themed costumes to consider this year.
20 Question Tuesday: Larsen Jensen
Larsen Jensen brought home Olympic medals in 2004 and 2008. After Beijing, he wanted to represent America in its time of need so Jensen joined the Navy and went on to become a Navy SEAL and earn medals for his service in special forces. Jensen’s now getting ready to be a civilian again, as he explains in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
Mike's Mailbag: That Swimmer Guy
I have been swimming since I was six years old and have loved it. Last spring, I injured my shoulder and since returning to the pool, swimming doesn't bring me happiness like it used to, and I'm confused about what to do next.