Reed Malone: Confident Competitor
Until recently, Reed Malone wasn’t what you’d call the picture of confidence when it came to his swimming.
Women in Coaching: Sarah Holman
Sarah Holman is part of the elite SwimMAC Carolina coaching staff, serving as a competitive team manager and lead coach.
Club Excellence Spotlight: Nation's Capital Swim Club
After finishing second last year, Nation’s Capital Swim Club in Washington, D.C. has earned the title of USA Swimming’s top club team, finishing first in the 2015 Club Excellence program standings.
Is your practice random enough?
There may be a better way to have the athletes not just learn, but retain their new turn skills for a competition somewhere down the road.
Wednesday Word: Outside Smoke
Swimming, like any sport, has its own language, its own culture, its own phrases and inside jokes. "Wednesday Word" word dives deeper into the meaning of these phrases that make up the language of swimming.