Being Frank: Coach Professionalism
Presented by Arena, the exclusive outfitter of the USA Swimming National Team, “Being Frank” is a web series featuring the insights of USA Swimming National Team Director Frank Busch.
The Final Meet
It was our final meet together. We, the YMCA kids who grew up slogging miles in the same six-lane pool, summer after summer, winter after winter, year after year. Our final YMCA National Championships before heading off to college. We had a group of 10 or so seniors, and many of us swam together since we were kids. We wanted this final meet to be special.
20 Question Tuesday: Katie Ledecky
What a summer for Katie Ledecky. The 2012 Olympian talks freestyle, living near DC, and what the future holds in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
Mike's Mailbag: Your Next Shot
Every Monday I answer questions from swimmers around the country. If you have a question, please email me at
Freestyle Recovery: Swing Forward, Relaxed and Wide
The freestyle arm recovery is the most visually recognizable motion in swimming, and is therefore one of the aspects that is most often coached. A good recovery is important because it largely determines where your hands enter the water and provides incredible support for the motion of the arm that is pulling underwater.