President's Message: September 2014
20 Question Tuesday: Ivy Martin
Ivy Martin is busy. She has classes and is competing for her home town University of Wisconsin Badgers, double majoring, just returned from Pan Pacs and is proud to be on the National Team.
Mike's Mailbag: Conquering Mental Block
My goggles fell off during my best event and I can't seem to get over the mental block that now happens almost every time I hit the water in the 200 free. How can I beat this mental block?
Tips for the Start of a New Swim Season
The first few weeks back in the pool sets the tone for the entire season. Coaches, consider these thoughts from members of the National Team community.
Ledecky named USA Swimming Athlete of the Year
For the second consecutive year, Olympic gold medalist and world record-holder Katie Ledecky was named the USA Swimming Athlete of the Year and claimed the Phillips 66 Performance Award. The awards were presented at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention on Saturday.
Jim Sheehan Elected USA Swimming President of Board of Directors
Jim Sheehan won an election to become USA Swimming President of the Board of Directors, replacing outgoing two-term USA Swimming President Bruce Stratton. Sheehan’s two-year term begins immediately.