Tips and Training

Swimming faster requires that athletes work on a number of facets of their daily training regimen, including technique, strength, nutrition and mental preparedness. In this section, swimmers can find tips to help them in every aspect of their training.

High Performance Tips

On a weekly basis, the National Team High Performance tips will summarize some current perspectives, research and observations in swimming. This information is intended to help you to make a more educated decision for what is best for you or your swimmer(s). Please come back to see what we have to share with you.

In-Water Training Videos

Looking for a drill to help you with your stroke technique? We've got dozens to chose from here.

Featured Article


 As I’ve admitted here before, I am the epitome of a visual learner. Most of the time, I have to create visuals that illustrate certain ideas before I truly understand them. For this week’s High Performance Tip, I wanted to explore something that has come up a lot during my recent club visits: butterfly kicking.

Nutrition Center

One of the building blocks of quality training is good nutrition. The articles in this section offer a variety of tips to help swimmers fuel themselves for training and competition.

Tips & Training Topics

Psychology of Swimming

Want to go as far as possible in this sport and turn those big swimming dreams of yours into an exciting reality? Then you need to get serious about developing and strengthening your mental muscles on a regular basis.

Doping Control

Doping Control rules are in place for all athletes. Individuals attending major competitions are subject to drug testing regardless of whether or not they are a National Team member, an Olympian or a first place finisher. Find out more about doping control here.