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Adam Klein   

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Career Highlights

Won a silver medal in the 4x100m medley relay and finished seventh in the 200m breast at the 2011 World University Games ... Finished fourth in the 200m breast at the 2010 ConocoPhillips National Championships ... placed second in the 200m breast at the 2009 National Championships ... was a member of the U.S. Open record-breaking 400y medley relay team at 2009 NCAA Championships ... Came home from
the 2006 Speedo Junior Nationals with a silver in the 200m breast ... finished fifth in the 200m breast at the 2006 Spring Championships

WUGs History

2011: 2, 4x100m MR

Olympic Trials History

2012: 11th, 200 Br, 30th, 100 Br... 2008: 17th 200Br, 19th 200IM, 38th 100Br

U.S. Nationals History

2010: 4, 200m BR ... 2009: 2, 200m BR; 7, 100m BR

NCAA History

2010: 3, 200 BR ... 2009: 2, 100y BR; 4, 2007 BR; 1, 400y MED-R

Fun Facts

High School

Rummel HS '07


Auburn '11

College Major


Job Outside of Swimming

Swim coach


George and Maggie


Younger brother (Eric) and younger sister (Lauren) are both swimmers

Started Swimming

Age 6

Sports Played Before Swimming

Baseball, basketball, tennis


AK, Kleinstein


One dog (Buddy) ... "My brother was very creative with naming the dog."

Hobbies Outside the Pool

Listening to live music

Ultimate Way to Relax

Sitting on the roof with some good music and friends, hanging out at the fairgrounds with friends at Jazzfest

Most Influential Person

Dad ... "He taught me how to set high goals and work hard to achieve those goals, but more importantly, how to live a blanced life and conduct myslef as a gentleman."


Operation Headstart ... "It's a school club that plays bingo with the elderly and spends time with 'at risk' kids."

Training Stats

Swims 5-5,000 yards/meters per day, 1.5-3 hours a day, 6 days a week

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