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Chloe Sutton-Updated june 29, 2011


Visualization should be used hand-in-hand with your goal setting routine. Being able to see the way you want your race to go in your mind will make swimming it much easier. If you've swum your perfect race multiple times in your head, then, you'll know what it should look like when it comes time to swim it in real life. You'll be more confident and more prepared when you step on the blocks. I use visualization before all big competitions. I'm going to take you through my program that I use when I'm visualizing myself racing.


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Peter Vanderkaay-Updated June 21, 2011


Last weekend I competed in the Santa Clara Grand Prix. It was probably my best meet of the year so far, even though I still have some more aspects of my races that need improvement. It definitely felt good to go some in-season best times in all of my events. I’ve been to this meet a few times over the years, and there’s always something to make it memorable, besides the pancake breakfast, which is legit. Being in Santa Clara is like being on the moon, its really hot in the sun, and really cold in the shade. The key to success is jamming your luggage bag full of clothes to prepare for any type of weather calamity.



NATALIE COUGHLIN-updated June 9, 2011


Two-time Olympian Natalie Coughlin is blogging about her journey to 2012 for You can keep up with the superstar by visiting her montly blog. In her latest entry, Natalie writes...


From left to right is Pooh’s sister-in-law, Mary Bridget Maddan, her two children, and me at the DAM-Cancer booth at the UltraSwim meet. The Charlotte Grand Prix is the sixth of seven stops along the Speedo Grand Prix Series that spans the long course season of the…


National Team Blogs

Ricky Berens-Updated June 30, 2011


Now that we are coming upon World Championships, Nationals, and all the other big season ending meets I figured it would be a great time to discuss the little things and how important they are in swimming. One of the perks of being on the national team is having video feedback of every single race at Grand Prix meets.



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