Online Officials Test Instructions

Please select the appropriate test from the "Start Test" dropdown menu below.


If you wish to print the test out and enter your answers later, do the following:

  1. Choose your test from the dropdown menu.
  2. Confirm your understanding of test expiration and your contact information. Click "Save Information and Proceed to Test".
  3. Ignore the "Print Blank Version of Test" button below and proceed with the "Start Test" button.
  4. Click "Save and Restart Later" when the first question appears.
  5. In the "Prior Tests" box that appears, choose "Print Blank Test" next to the test you started and print the test.
  6. Answer your questions offline on the printed test.
  7. Navigate to the "Prior Tests" box again and click "Resume" next to the test you started. You can then enter your answers from the test you printed out.

Reminder: any test you start and do not complete by 4/15/2017 will be automatically deleted on 4/15/2017.

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