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Professionally Designed Co-Branded Gear

As a USA Swimming club, your club has the distinction of being linked to the U.S. Olympic Team. Make the most of the excitment this Olympic Year by ordering some co-branded America's Swim Team gear! Exclusively available to USA Swimming clubs, this gear features your club logo and the USA Swimming shield.

Available are:

* Customizable posters and flyers, free for download

* Co-Branded America's Swim Team shirts (see photo above) for order

* Website graphics - free!

* More

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The USA Swimming logo is one of our greatest marketing assets as it promotes your link to the U.S. National Team and the national organization. In order to maintain its integrity, it is important to position it in a proper manner as outlined in the Logo Standards Manual. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the integrity of the mark and thank you for helping to promote USA Swimming by using this mark. We look forward to working with you as you incorporate the USA Swimming logo into your Club and LSC materials.


USA Swimming ShieldUSA Swimming Logo SMALL

Interested in incorporating the USA Swimming logo into anything that your club produces: website, signage, flyers, letterhead, etc.? Questions regarding logo usage can be found in the USA Swimming Logo Standards Manual.


Review the manual to increase the likelihood of getting your request approved. Submit the USA Swimming Marks Approval form (found on page 4 of the Logo Standard Manual) to either marksapproval@usaswimming.org or fax it to 719.866.4049. Approvals can take up to three business days.


america's swim team logo
Americas Swim Team

If your team is interested in using the America's Swim Team logo for flyers, letterhead or t-shirts, you can do so ONLY by using our pre-designed materials. To access these free materials, just click here and register. You will receive an email with your registration information, at which point you can order (for purchase) or download (for free) these materials. 

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