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The Club Excellence Program is a voluntary program that identifies and recognizes USA Swimming clubs for their commitment to performance excellence. This program strives to meet the following objectives:

  • Promote the development of strong, well-rounded age group and senior swimming programs that produce elite 18 & under athletes;
  • Provide recognition and resources to motivate and assist member clubs to strive for the highest ideals of athlete performance.

The program provides grant funding and recognizes the club development system as integral to achieving excellence in the sport.

Click here to view the complete 2017 Club Excellence Program results.

2017 Club Excellence Results

Nation’s Capital Swim Club Claims third Consecutive USA Swimming Club Excellence Title

Gold, Silver, Bronze recognition awarded to 200 clubs for performance excellence

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– For the third year in a row Nation’s Capital Swim Club of the Washington, D.C., area, earned the top position in the USA Swimming Club Excellence program, recognizing the organization’s highest-performing clubs in the development of athletes 18 years and younger.

NCAP, whose top athletes include National Team members Katie Ledecky and Cassidy Bayer, plus National Junior Team member Sam Pomajevich tallied 90,635 points, finishing more than 40,000 points ahead of second-place finisher and first-time Gold level ranking club Marlins of Raleigh. Dynamo Swim Club of Atlanta, Ga., placed third and jumped up from number four a year ago.

“Nation's Capital Swim Club is honored to be named the No. 1 Swim Team in the nation for the third year in a row in the Club Excellence Program,” said Tom Ugast, NCAP Chief Executive Officer. “This achievement is reached because of the dedication of our 18 & Under athletes, their coaches and parents. It’s truly a ‘team effort’ for us to help every young athlete in our program reach their highest potential. Thanks to USA Swimming for the recognition.”

In its 16th year, the Club Excellence program identifies clubs that execute strong, well-rounded programs to produce elite 18-and-under athletes. The top 20 clubs earn Gold level ranking and those rated 21-100 are designated as Silver honorees. The next 100 clubs are recognized at the Bronze level.

“Earning a Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking is a reflection of the hard work and time invested by athletes and coaches and has become a highly coveted honor for our teams. Each year, the competition to earn a Club Excellence ranking continues to be more and more challenging.” said Pat Hogan, USA Swimming’s Club Development Managing Director. “On behalf of USA Swimming, I want to congratulate each of the 200 clubs that have earned a ranking in the 2017 program.”

Each team’s ranking score is based on the FINA Points Table, a power point rating system that assigns point values to swimming performances based on the Gold, Silver or Bronze time standard. Starting with the 2017 Club Excellence rankings, Gold swims were multiplied by a factor of 2.0; points for Silver level swims were increased by a factor of 1.5.
The following clubs achieved the Gold Medal ranking for 2017, with Local Swimming Committee (LSC) designation. Sixteen different LSCs are represented in the Gold Medal level.

Club LSC
1. Nation's Capital Swim Club Potomac Valley
2. Marlins of Raleigh
North Carolina
3. Dynamo Swim Club
4. Carmel Swim Club Indiana
5. Sandpipers of Nevada Southern California
6. Sarasota YMCA Sharks Florida
7. North Baltimore Aquatic Club Maryland
8. Lakeside Swim Team Kentucky
9. Nitro Swimming
South Texas
10. NOVA of Virginia Aquatics
11. Aquazot Swim Club Southern California
12. Fort Collins Area Swim Team Colorado
13. Scottsdale Aquatic Club Arizona
14. Lakeside Aquatic Club North Texas
15. Northern KY Clippers Swimming Ohio
16. Nashville Aquatic Club Southeastern
17. Pleasanton Seahawks Pacific
18. Mission Viejo Nadadores Southern California
19. Bolles School Sharks Florida
20. Gator Swim Club Florida

Marlins of Raleigh, Fort Collins Area Swim Team, Lakeside Aquatic Club, and Northern KY Clippers all achieved a Gold Medal ranking for the first time. Since the inception of this program, 77 different clubs have earned Gold Medal ranking at least once and North Baltimore Aquatic Club is the only club to retain its Gold Medal ranking each year since the program began in 2002.

Out of the 200 clubs recognized as Gold, Silver and Bronze programs, Southern California Swimming and Middle Atlantic led all LSCs with 11 clubs recognized, followed by Southeastern at 10 clubs represented.

In addition to recognizing high-performing teams, the program provides grant funding that enable clubs to expand and enhance the services already provided to athletes. A total of $450,000 in grants will be distributed to the 100 Gold- and Silver-level clubs.

In conjunction with the USA Swimming Club Excellence program, USA Swimming will induct seven members into the 2017 Podium Club. Each team achieving a Gold Medal ranking for four consecutive years will be named to the Podium Club. In addition to earning Gold grant dollars, Podium Club members will receive a financial bonus from a pool of dollars to be divided equally among the number of teams in the Podium Club each year.

Congratulations to the following seven teams that were inducted into the Podium Club for 2017:

  • Aquazot Swim Club
  • Bolles School Sharks
  • Dynamo Swim Club
  • Lakeside Swim Team
  • Nation's Capital Swim Club
  • North Baltimore Aquatic Club
  • Sarasota YMCA Sharks

Click here to view the complete 2017 Club Excellence Program results.

2017 Program TIMELINE

• September 1, 2016 - Program announcement distributed to all USA Swimming clubs. Application forms and information available on the USA Swimming website.

• October 14, 2016 - Deadline for applications from clubs to USA Swimming.


• December 16, 2016 - Club rankings announced by USA Swimming & Grant applications sent to all Gold and Silver clubs.


• February 17, 2017 - Deadline for grant applications to USA Swimming from Gold and Silver clubs.


• April 14, 2017 - Grant awards announced by USA Swimming.


Please direct any questions regarding the program to Pat Hogan at phogan@usaswimming.org or Tom Avischious at tavischious@usaswimming.org.


The program annually recognizes up to 200 outstanding clubs and provides monetary grants to those who qualify as Gold Medal or Silver Medal clubs. Upon recognition as a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal Club, recipients enjoy the following benefits:

  • A 2017 4 'x 6' banner recognizing their level of achievement
  • The right to use the 2017 Club Excellence Program logo on the club website and in advertising/promotional materials through December 31 of 2017
  • The club's level of achievement is displayed on the USA Swimming website in the club search section
  • Gold and Silver level clubs are eligible to apply for grant funding

Club Excellence Profiles

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