The 2017 Regional Build-a-Pool Conference series will offer comprehensive education in building, renovating and programming new and existing facilities. USA Swimming member clubs and private and public organizations are encouraged to take advantage of this educational resource. These one day (or 1 & ½ day) workshop style events are conducted by USA Swimming Facilities Development staff.

Saving Pools Saves Lives

Request an Electronic Aquatic Resource Manual by emailing Sue Nelson


What does Saving Pools Saves Lives mean? When pools close their doors we stop providing drowning prevention messages and the actual swim lesson that could save a life. We also stop providing the water programs that address the fitness levels of families in our communities.


Are you dealing with the possibility of your pool hours being cut back or even your pools closing? If yes then you definitely need to read on to learn more about how USA Swimming is being pro-active to keep pools open and be self-sustaining.


USA Swimming’s Facilities’ Development Department is addressing the dilemma of pool closures through hosting workshops and offering the Aquatic Resource Manual that was developed in 2011 to Aquatic Centers in the US.


The workshops are designed for individuals who have an influence on community decision makers that deal with the aquatic budget.


To learn more on “programming for sustainability” Click on Build a Pool to register for a USA Swimming Build a Pool Conference and to learn more information about the 2016 events that addresses topics for pools success.



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