How Parents Affect Success: An Athletes Perspective

A coach in Texas recently shared an exercise her swimmers completed and then shared with their parents. The exercise shows, from a swimmer’s perspective, how parents and the actions of parents can affect the athlete’s success.


Swimmers were asked to sit down and write out things that they love swim parents do, and things that they wish swim parents wouldn’t do. All answers were written anonymously so no one would know who wrote what. This allowed the swimmer to answer the questions openly.


According to the coach, the swimmers really enjoyed getting to do this; they loved the idea of being able to show their appreciation for the great things parents do for them and the things they feel could help parents of the team become better swim parents.


Click here to see how swimmer's perceive their parents affecting success.


Many parents have lots of questions about swim practice, especially when their children are new to the sport. It is sometimes difficult to know what to expect of your child. Your child may talk about swim practice, but you may not even understand the new "swimming vocabulary" your child is using.  
Many children improve rapidly during the developmental stages due to growth and improved technique. It is difficult to resist the tendency to push young athletes at this stage. However, the emphasis should be placed on technique and not intense training. The training schedule for developmental swimmers should be flexible enough to provide them with enough time to participate in other activities. Since swimmers' careers can extend well into adulthood, swimming at the youngest levels needs to be fun, pressure free, and filled with learning experiences. This will ensure that swimming remains fun through­out their lives. 
You should certainly ask questions at swim team parents' meetings or schedule an appointment with your child's coach to clarify things. However there are many common questions that might be answered in our FAQs. Read through the FAQs  and see if you have found yourself asking these same questions. 
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