The primary purpose of SWIMS is to provide a database of all official times that conform with the requirements of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. Times within the database provide an equitable and accurate means of proving entry times for all USA Swimming competitions. 


With the exception of USA Swimming championship-level meets and select high-level national competitions, each Local Swim Committee is responsible for entering the data into SWIMS within its geographical boundaries. It is the coach’s/athlete’s responsibility to confirm that times swum in a competition are entered into SWIMS.


The SWIMS Time Module Policy Manual contains guidelines, information and forms to be used in the operation of the Times part of the SWIMS system.  The policy is in compliance with the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. To read the 2015-16 document please click on this link.


There are several different types of meets included in the policy manual. These include:
  • Sanctioned Meet
  • Approved Meet
  • Meets where swims are “observed”
  • Foreign Meet
  • Time Trial

Please refer to the policy manual for specific information regarding these types of competition.


For meets where swims are observed, including high school, college, masters, YM/YWCA or any other meet authorized to have swims observed, each LSC has a National Time Verification officer (NTV) who handles the authorization of the observation process.


For information on the process, please contact the NTV officer in the appropriate LSC. Times from meets where swims are observed will be entered in the SWIMS database for athlete members of USA Swimming if they are in compliance with USA Swimming technical rules. See the differences in rules between various swimming organizations: Swimming rules: Common Elements & Differences.


For questions on the NTV process, contact Suzanne Heath, National Times Coordinator, of North Carolina.  For a list of all LSC NTV Officers, please click here.

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