Swim Clubs

Prospective Club Membership Information

This page includes all of the information and forms necessary to apply to USA Swimming as a NEW member club.


USA Swimming offers two classes of membership: (1) Group members, including clubs, seasonal clubs and organizations; and (2) Individual members, including athletes, coaches, officials, and non-athletes. Individual members register through their clubs, or, if not associated with a member club, directly through the local Registration Chair.


If you have any questions, please contact your Local Swim Committee (LSC) Registration chair or the Member Services Department at the National Headquarters.


Requirements and Instructions to Apply for New Club Membership.


Please review all of the material on this page before submitting a new club application.


Print the documents in Section 1 and submit them to your LSC.

Section 6: Useful Information & Resources

1 What is USA Swimming?   
2 Sport Development Consultants   
3 LSC Registration Chairs   
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