Evaluation Process Survey

We appreciate your taking the time to complete this short survey on the evaluation process. As we receive feedback on your experiences with the evaluation process, we can continue to improve it. Please be assured your identity is anonymous when completing this survey.

If you were evaluated for more than one position at this meet, please complete a separate questionnaire for each position. After completing the questionnaire for the first position, simply return to the email you received with the link to the survey and start the process from the beginning.
Thanks, again, for participating in this survey.
Meet Name (select one, listed in date order):
Position/Level being evaluated:
Name of person who performed your evaluation:
1. Before the meet began, did you complete and submit a Request for Evaluation form?
2. Before the meet began, did you receive a copy, or a link to a copy, of the Professional Document for the position you were being mentored?
3. Did you have an opportunity to discuss basic position protocols, procedures and performance standards with your mentor prior to the start of the meet or the period when you began filling that role?
4. Once the meet and mentoring began, in what specific areas were you told you were performing well?
5. What specific suggestions or tips were you provided to improve your performance or skills?
6. At what point during the meet did you have an opportunity to implement any of the tips during this meet? Example: beginning of your sessions in the position; middle of your assigned sessions; towards the end, etc. Please provide details.
7. What did you discuss about your overall evaluation with your mentor and at what point during the meet did that discussion take place?
8. What did you learn about the N2/N3 certification process that you didn't know before?
9. Overall, what would you say were the most beneficial aspects of the mentoring/evaluation process?
10. Were there any negative aspects of the mentoring/evaluation process that you would like to see addressed for the future?
11. Is there anything else you would like to suggest for improving the mentoring/evaluation process and/or the National Certification program?
Once again, thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey!

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