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Deck Pass Teams with TrueSport

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  • We’re in the business of winning the right way. 
  • Through the recent partnership between U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and USA Swimming, we’re able to share that message in USA Swimming’s Deck Pass app. 
  • The more than 200,000 Deck Pass members can earn the TrueSport patches by completing a variety of activities, both online and at events.

Deck Pass for USA Swimming Members

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  • Earn digital patches for competing -- automatically! 
  • Check your verified IMX scores, best times, recent meets and rankings.
  • Connect with your friends. 


Deck Pass for Coaches

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  • Award digital patches to your swimmers!
  • Get your team's times, scores and ranks.
  • Get USA Swimming information on events, meetings, certifications and results. 


Deck Pass for Everyone

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  • Fill out your logbook and earn digital patches for competing!
  • Set goals for the season and keep track of your progress.
  • Connect to friends on facebook.
Patches to Earn
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