Key Program Details

1)    The Pre-Employment Screening program requirement goes into effect on August 31, 2011. After that date, clubs must conduct the three required pre-employment screening procedures and may complete the two recommended screens for all new employees who must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming.

2)   Clubs are responsible for complying with applicable laws regarding obtaining an applicant’s authorization to request information from various sources to evaluate their suitability for employment at the club. The recommended vendors will provide the necessary consent form.

3)    In order to utilize screening services, clubs will establish an account with the screening provider of their choice.  USA Swimming is not a party to these transactions.

4)    Clubs are not required to use one of the recommended service providers. 

5)    Clubs are also not required to contract for services that they would rather perform themselves, subject to applicable regulations governing certain data, such as motor vehicle reports. 

6)    The recommended companies will provide the required screening procedures ‘a la carte.'  Clubs can order the services of their choice from the vendor of their choice. They also provide access to compliance information and federal- and state-mandated employer obligations.

7)    As the employer, it the club’s responsibility to evaluate the screening information and utilize that information to make a hiring decision that reflects the club’s values and standards.  USA Swimming does not mandate employment criteria, evaluate candidates or screening information under this program, or provide advice to clubs
regarding their hiring decisions or supervision responsibilities. 

8)    In order to comply with the pre-employment screening program, a club representative must certify on the annual club membership application that the club is conducting pre-employment screening as required by Article 502.6.8 in the USA Swimming rulebook. Failure to certify and sign this section of the club application form will result in the club application being rejected. Misrepresenting that the requirement was completed if it was not may be a violation of Article 304.3.13 of the 2012 USA Swimming Code of Conduct.

9)    As the employer, clubs may be subject to a variety of federal and state regulations governing the protection and maintenance of employee records. Clubs should consult human resource professionals to establish appropriate policies to safeguard employee records.  Nothing in USA Swimming’s program should be interpreted as a mandate or warranty in this area.

10) USA Swimming assumes no responsibility for a club’s compliance with this rule or any applicable state, local, or federal duties relating to a club’s status as an employer or supervisor of staff, coaches, or volunteers.  Compliance with USA Swimming’s Program is not a guarantee that a club’s pre-employment screening is adequate or complete, and the obligation remains solely on clubs to screen, hire, supervise and manage
its employees and volunteers, regardless of their additional status as USA Swimming members.
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