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Recommended Providers for required screens

USA Swimming has identified three nationally-recognized companies that can assist clubs with fulfilling the requirements of the Pre-Employment Screening program. These companies are accredited consumer reporting agencies that have agreed to provide the required services at preferred pricing for USA Swimming clubs. In addition to providing the required services, these companies are able to assist clubs with fulfilling mandated employer obligations related to the screening process. 

The three providers recommended by USA Swimming are Sterling Infosystems,, and Frasco Profiles.  To learn more about these providers or to intiate the screening process, choose from the links below:
Sterling InfoSystems (Cleveland, OH)       Flyer           Intiate an account with Sterling            (Dallas, TX)       Flyer            Initiate an account with
Frasco Profiles (Burbank, CA)                  Flyer            Initiate an account with Frasco Profiles

Although recommended by USA Swimming, clubs are not required to use these vendors as there are several options available for implementing the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

1)    Clubs can choose to work with any of the three recommended companies;

2)    Clubs may also utilize another consumer reporting agency of their choice; or

3)    Clubs can use a provider to gather some of the information and rely on their own resources for gathering other information. For example, a club might choose to contact employment references themselves while utilizing a vendor to verify education and obtain a motor vehicle report.


Recommended provider for recommended screens

USA Swimming has identified Social Intelligence, an accredited consumer reporting agency, as a recommended provider to assist member clubs who wish to conduct the recommended search of the pre-employment screening program.  Social Intelligence can assist local member clubs with social network and media searches to gain greater insight into the professional and personal conduct of those entrusted with the safety of club members.

To learn more about Social Intelligence or to initiate the screening process, click the links below:


Social Intelligence (Santa Barbara, CA)            Flyer        Initiate an account with Social Intelligence




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