Deck Pass Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that you may have a question about Deck Pass that you don't know the answer to. The Deck Pass team has put together the following list of frequently asked questions to help answer your questions about this new program.


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Membership Cards FAQ for LSCs

Q:  A. What is included in the athlete membership packet?
Q:  B. Who receives the athlete membership packet?
Q:  C. What is the new physical athlete membership card?
Q:  D. When will the athlete membership packets be mailed?
Q:  E. What should be done for an athlete that needs their membership information immediately, or the unattached athlete?
Q:  F. When will athletes receive the athlete membership card and packet, in relation to when they become a member or when a membership is renewed?
Q:  G. It has been six weeks since the Local Swim Committee (LSC) submitted the club’s athlete information to USA Swimming. Athletes have not yet received the athlete membership packet in the mail. Who should I contact?
Q:  H. If an athlete joins USA Swimming mid-season, will they still receive a physical athlete membership card?
Q:  I. If an athlete transfers clubs during the membership year, will they get a new physical membership card?
Q:  J. Who will provide the physical non-athlete membership cards?
Q:  K. Will coaches be receiving a physical membership card?
Q:  L. Will officials be receiving a membership card?
Q:  M. Who will receive a digital membership card?
Q:  N. What type of information will be on the digital athlete membership card?
Q:  O. What type of information will be on the digital non-athlete membership card?
Q:  P. What type of information will be on the digital non-athlete Coach Membership card?
Q:  Q. If information on my membership card is wrong, who should I contact?
Q:  R. Do I need to bring the physical card with me to all competitions?
Q:  S. What is the “Find the Golden Patch” Promotion?
Q:  T. What if I do not own an iPhone or Android device that supports the Deck Pass mobile app, how do I participate in the “Find the Golden Patch Promotion”?
Q:  U. I scanned the QR Code and it told me to try again. Where do I try again?
Q:  V. How do athletes collect a prize from the Golden Patch?
Q:  W. What are Deck Pass Perks?

Deck Pass Terms of Use

Complete Deck Pass Terms of Use   
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