How do you host a Swim-a-Thon™?

Click "Learn More" to be directed to our official USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon page for program information and to download "The 2017 Little Book of Swim-a-Thon Success" to find out how fun and easy it is to host a USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon!

USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon™

Hosting a Swim-a-Thon™ is a fun and easy way to raise money for your Club or Team and support the USA Swimming Foundation at the same time!


Participants in your Swim-a-Thon™ earn money by swimming lengths of the swimming pool. Swimmers get pledges from family, friends, local businesses and neighbors to support their efforts.


The funds you raise for your club or team are critically important, but there's more to it than that!


The 5% contribution paid to the USA Swimming Foundation supports its mission to save lives and build champions - in the pool and in life. Whether we're equipping our children with the life-saving skill of learn-to-swim through our Make a Splash initiative, or providing financial support to our heroes on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country.


Find out how your team can take advantage of this unique fundraising program and the new, easy-to-use online giving platform created by TeamUnify.


It's that easy!

Check out our national Swim-a-Thon™ Contest!


The USA Swimming Foundation is on your team and doing all we can to help you raise more money for your club through our national, annual Swim-a-Thon contest! 


Designed to create unparalleled excitement and new levels of athlete participation for your USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon fundraising event, our contest will give your swimmers the ability compete with other clubs and teams all across the country for an amazing array of prizes and a chance to win the grand prize - a personal visit to your club by a U.S. National Team athlete!

Learn about our national Swim-a-Thon contest and epic prize packages!  



Swim-a-Thon™ Fundraising Success Stories

Many teams have surpassed their Swim-a-Thon PASA Alpine Hills 2014 (med)fundraising goals by holding a Swim-a-Thon™ event and by using the easy-to-use TeamUnify online fundraising platform!


Recent success stories and testimonies:

From Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Alpine HIlls

This past December, our swim team held a​ ​Swim-a-Thon​ ​to
raise money for USA Swim Foundation. After more than doubling our goal, we chose to send 100% of our donations to USA Swimming Foundation’s programs such as the Make-A-Splash initiative. We love the idea of supporting Make-A-Splash's efforts to lower the amount of accidental deaths caused by drowning in the United States. As swimmers, we are privileged to feel at home in the water and recognize that others do not have same the opportunities to learn how to swim. This program spoke to us, and we felt that it was our responsibility to support a non-profit that is giving people the life-saving skills we have already been so lucky to receive. Instead of raising money and using a portion​ ​of the funds to improve our own club, we wanted to fully support the USA Swimming Foundation! With this goal in mind, our team participated in our Swim-A-Thon with remarkable enthusiasm and motivation, and together we were able to raise over $10,000!

From Broadland Piranhas

"The Broadlands Piranhas have always given back to the community. Supporting Make-a-Splash and the USA Swimming Foundation is a perfect fit for our community summer swim team. Although we do raise money and donate 100% of the proceeds (over $2300 last year), it's not all about the fund raising. Our focus is awareness - educating our team on the importance of learning to swim and water safety, as a life skill and a super fun confidence building activity! The USA Swimming Foundation has been extremely helpful throughout!"

- Max Maxwell - Broadland Piranhas

From Swim Utah U.T.E.S.: "Having chaired the Swim-a-Thon™ committee for the four years, the last two of which we used TeamUnify's system, I can say that the TU system makes administration vastly simpler and more efficient."
"Our Swim-a-Thon™ fundraiser revenue increased 357% over last year with no extra effort on our part by utilizing the TeamUnify fundraising platform! This online technology has totally changed our thinking in terms of club management and has opened our minds to new fundraising opportunities within our club.  We definitely plan on using the TeamUnify platform for our Swim-a-Thon™ next year!"
- Tim Dubios, Head Coach - Golden Comets Swim Club, NY
"We were excited to tryout the TeamUnify platform this year for our second annual USA Swimming 
Foundation Swim-A-Thon™ campaign and were very satisfied with the results. The platform is very easy to use for both the swimmers and our administrative team. We increased our revenue by 77% in one year with about the same number of swimmers participating in the event! Two of our favorite features were the ability to email the participants during the course of fundraising to encourage swimmers and parents to raise more money, and the real-time post of what swimmers had raised led to healthy competition amongst our team members. We look forward to next years’ USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon™ event!”
- Santa Clara Swim Club, CA



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