Screening and Selection

Screening and selection procedures provide our first line of defense of who is permitted to become a member of USA Swimming.  Checking an applicant's criminal history by completing a background check and completing responsible hiring using the pre-employment screen are critical pieces to providing a safe environment for swimmers.  In this section you will find tools to vet what individuals are allowed to become USA Swimming members.


Individuals Permanently Suspended from or Ineligible for Membership

Background Checks

USA Swimming was among the first National Governing Bodies to require criminal
background checks for coaches when the program was implemented in 2006. Since this
program was initiated, criminal background checks have become a standard practice in the
youth sports industry requiring not only coaches, but officials and others who have frequent
and direct interaction with young people to complete background checks.


USA Swimming’s background check requirement is designed to deter individuals who
should not be working with athletes from ever applying for membership. Additionally, it
serves to identify any unsuitable criminal history of those individuals who do apply for
membership. Like previously mandated USA Swimming safety and education requirements,
the background check program is another layer of protection for athletes in our sport.


Click here to learn more about our program or initiate a background check.

Pre-Employment Screening

Clubs are responsible for hiring and supervising their own coaches and staff, and managing their own volunteers. USA Swimming does not hire, supervise, or manage a club’s employment relationship with its coaches, staff, or volunteers, as that is an independent responsibility of the club. Responsible and thorough hiring practices are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy training environment for our members.


The pre-employment screening program requires clubs to certify to USA Swimming that they have conducted three required screens prior to offering employment to any potential employee.  The three screens are (1) past employment reference checks; (2) verify the highest held level of education; (3) acquire a state motor vehicle report.  Clubs are also encouraged to complete two option screens: (1) social network search; and (2) Google media search.


Click here to learn more about the program or initiate a pre-employment screen.

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