Benefits of Swimming

WHY SHOULD I GET INVOLVED IN SWIMMING?Benefits of swimming (medium)

- Swimming is an outstanding activity for people of all ages.


- Swimming promotes fitness and teaches a child to strive for physical achievement. Many super-stars in other sports started out as swimmers and gained strength and coordination that helped them to excel.


- Swimming is an exciting individual and team sport.


- Swimming is a technical and specialized activity involving extensive skill development.


- Swimming is a healthy "lifetime" activity. Participants may be 1 or 101 years old.


- Swimming is relatively injury free in comparison to other youth sports.


- Swimming teaches the life lessons of sport and sportsmanship which include learning to deal with winning and losing, as well as working with officials, teammates and coaches.


- Swimming motivates participants to strive for self improvement and teaches goal orientation.


- Swimming cultivates a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem.


- Swimming can prevent drowning.


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Masters Swimming

Are you an adult swimming for fitness or competitive reasons? Or are you a triathlete seeking to improve your swimming? Visit U.S. Masters Swimming as they have more than 1,500 adult swim programs with certified coaches who are eager to help you.

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Speedo Pace Club

Speedo Pace Club (medium)USA Swimming can help you get fit and improve your overall health and wellness, whether you are 18 or 81. To help you get started, Speedo is proud to present the Speedo Pace Club, a website and free iPhone application that enables swimmers of all fitness levels to track their training. Scroll down to sign up for Pace Club and download the mobile app or to view training tips and videos from USA Swimming experts.

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