2015 Deck Pass Patches for Swim-a-Thon™

Our 2014 Deck Pass patches are better than ever and perfect for rewarding your athletes for a job well done!


With our newest addition to the Deck Pass™ digital patch platform, your swimmers get bragging rights when they share their “High Point” or “Cash Cow” patch and "Century Club" (100 lengths) or "Double Century (200 lengths) on their Deck Pass™ page and through their social media outlets.


These patches can be awarded through the Deck Pass™ app by scanning the QR code from a smartphone or iPhone, or they can be individually awarded by your coach.


Coaches: Click here for instructions on how to award Swim-a-Thon™ patches to your athletes!

Deck Pass is the official mobile online and mobile app of USA Swimming. Anyone can register for a Deck Pass account. Go to www.usaswimming.org/deckpass to find out how it works!


Click "Learn More" to download a pdf of our 2015 Swim-a-Thon™ patches

New Swim-a-Thon™ Incentive Prizes for 2015!

100 Lengths Bag Tag
Swim 100 lengths and receive a 100 Lengths Swim-a-Thon™ bag tag
200 Lengths Bag Tag
Swim 200 lengths and receive a 200 length Swim-a-Thon™ bag tag.
Swim-a-Thon™ Swim Cap $400-$599.99 Award Level
Raise $400-$599.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon™ swim cap!
$600-$799.99 Award Level: Swim-a-Thon™ T-Shirt
Raise $600-$799.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon™ T-Shirt!
Raise $800-$1199.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon™ Hoodie!
Raise $800-$1199.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon™ Hoodie!
Swim-a-Thon™ Teamster Duffle Bag $1,2000.00+ Award Level
Raise $1200 or more and receive an embroidered Swim-a-Thon™ Speedo Teamster duffle!
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