Bridge Rewards Contest!

In an effort to bridge the gap between swim lessons and team swimming, the USA Swimming Foundation launched the Make a Splash Bridge Contest and awarded five Make A Splash Local Partners a total of $10,000 to help transition children from learn to swim programs to competitive swim teams.


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New Educational Course!



Children With Challenges ™ was created through collaboration between USA Swimming – USA Swimming Foundation – Starfish Aquatic Institute & Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute Certificate Program for Swim Coaches and Swim Instructors – This is your opportunity to be one of the first to earn a Certificate of Training in working with children with challenges in an aquatic setting. 

Learn more about this great educational opportunity by clicking here


An online course is available, by clicking here


As an additional resource, please see the order form for the ATRI Children With Challenges manual.  This is not a required supplement to the Children With Challenges course.

Local Outreach Events

Josh the Otter at Water Safety Event March 2013 (Med)Are you hosting an event to promote swimming and/or water safety to your community?


There are many ways you can teach children and parents in your community about the importance of learning to swim and being safe in and around the water. Some ways you can do this are: 

  • Reading storybooks that teach water safety habits to children at schools, daycares, libraries, churches, etc. 
  • Hosting a water safety day at a local pool where you can demonstrate and teach water safety and swimming skills to the community.  
  • Distributing information on swimming lessons and water safety at schools, churches, libraries, festivals, sporting events, local family activities, etc. 
  • Talking to parents at a community or neighborhood meeting, Parent/Teacher Conferences, PTA meetings, etc and educating them on the risks around being in and around water without having proficient swimming skills.  
  • Hosting a Swim-a-Thon™ or another fundraiser to raise money for the USA Swimming Foundation's mission of saving lives and building champions. If you are not interested in organizing a Swim-a-Thon™, you can check out our Fun-Raising ideas to help find the perfect fundraiser for you and your community!

In addition to these events you can create your own event to spread local awareness! If you are in need of material items from the USA Swimming Foundation for your event, please fill out the Make a Splash Material Request Form below. 


Make a Splash Material Request Form


If you have any questions or need additional support, please email us at:

Make a Splash Webinars

11/6/15  USA Swimming Foundation Fundraising Opportunity through Mobile Cause
Learn how to be a part of this fundraising opportunity, as well as how to navigate through the Mobile Cause platform (i.e. how to create an account, personalize your donation template, etc.). 

Local Partner Enrollment Report Processes

Learn how to access and edit your Make a Splash Local Partner portal and how to submit your Enrollment Reports. These reports are required to be submitted for your program to be eligible to apply for the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash Local Partner grants.


National Water Safety Awareness Month Participation

Learn about how your program can participate in May - National Water Safety Awareness Month. Find out how you can access resources from the USA Swimming Foundation and its partners to support your local efforts in educating your community.

Slides Recording

Grants and Funding 101

Grants can be a valuable source of funding for your organization, however, before applying for a grant you should determine which categories of funding sources are most appropriate for your needs. To help you diversify your revenue sources, our Make a Splash team explains the in's and out's of seeking and applying for a grant.

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Get to Know Make a Splash

The Make a Splash team will explain who we are, what we plan to accomplish, and how we plan to succeed in providing the opportunity for every child in American to learn to swim. We talk in depth about what YOU can do in your community and the resources we offer to help along the way. 

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Make a Splash Newsletters

The USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash team wants to keep you informed with the latest news, events and NEWS icon (Small)happenings in the world of learn-to-swim, water safety and Make a Splash.

Newsletters will be distributed electronically on a monthly basis. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please send your request to


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