This FAQ is provided to help answer some of the questions you may have regarding OME. We recommend going "hands-on" with the setup process as there is instructional text for each step of the meet creation process that will lead you. Please contact the USA Swimming liaison listed in OME for suggestions on how to manage unique entry rules and with any questions that may not be answered below. It is recommended that you also review the OME FAQ for Coaches as it may help you answer some of the questions you could receive.


If you're having an issue with your entry in the OME system, first consider consulting the meet information provided by the host, which will explain the entry rules for the meet. If what's listed in the meet information and what OME is allowing you to do doesn't seem to match, please then contact the meet director for guidance as a mistake may have been made during the OME setup process. USA Swimming doesn't have the authority to make changes to a meet configuration that it's not managing entries for. Please contact Jaime Lewis at USA Swimming if you're running into technical issues not answered below.
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