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USA Swimming is committed to raising awareness about prevention of abuse in sport.  We believe that the first step to creating an empowered team environment is education.  We are proud to partner with Praesidium, an industry expert in abuse prevention, to bring the swimming community customized and comprehensive training tools for coaches, athletes, volunteers, and parents.


Our training will help you:
- Understand the scope and effects of abuse in sport
- Recognize the signs of grooming behavior and boundary violations
- Understand how to establish boundaries and protect against false allegations
- Know how to react and report suspected abuse

Request an In-Person Training

Please use this online form to request a Safe Sport speaker, and someone will respond to your request shortly.

For information on requesting a National Headquarters staff member to visit, please see these guidelines.


APT Renewal for Non-Athlete Members

The APT Renewal is here!  All non-athlete members who need to renew their Athlete Protection Training are required to complete this brand-new course.  The course is free of charge and should take about 40 minutes to complete.  


Please access the course by clicking the blue button below titled "Mandatory Athlete Protection Training for Coaches/Non-Athlete Members" and follow the prompts.

Mandatory Training for New Non-Athlete Members

Training and Education (small)

All first-time non-athlete members of USA Swimming are required to complete the Mandatory Education by clicking the link below. New members will be required to have their non-athlete application form and payment processed by their LSC registrar before they can sign in to complete the course.


This course is required for all new members including coaches, officials, chaperones, meet directors.  If you have registered with USA Swimming for the first time, this is the course you need to take. 

The course is free of charge and should take about an hour to complete. Click the link below to begin the course.



Bullying Prevention

Bullying behaviors lead to a negative team environment if not handled properly and quickly. Unfortunately, they can be alarmingly normal in youth sports settings.  This course includes lessons on:

•         How to define bullying 
•         Why bullying is a problem
•         What the different types of bullying are
•         How bullying happens
•         How to prevent an athlete from being bullied
•         How to manage conflict between the individuals involved


Click the link below to access the course and enter your LSC and Club Code.



Free Training for Parents

The USA Swimming Safe Sport Program is proud to offer free athlete protection training to the parents of our member athletes. Parents are a critical component to our overall goal of protecting children from sexual abuse. The comprehensive online programming includes information about how offenders operate; how to recognize and respond to boundary violations, myths and facts about child sexual abuse and USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Policies and Procedures.  


Free Training for Athletes

College Swim Team (small)USA Swimming has developed a free education program for athletes aged 12 and older.  The training course covers such topics as:


- Inappropriate contact

- Physical, emotional, and behavioral boundaries
- What to do if your boundaries are violated
- Who to tell
- How USA Swimming can be a resource


Athlete Facilitator Training Guide with Practice Scenarios


By learning to protect yourselves, you also learn how to protect your peers; and together we can make the sport safer for everyone.


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