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Successfully sustaining a culture of Safe Sport takes place at the club level.  Use this resource library to implement Safe Sport at your club, and add your local resources by emailing them to


Safe sport mondays


Get this month's Safe Sport Mondays scenario here:

March 2017 - Seniors (pdf)

March 2017 - Seniors (word)

March 2017 - Age Group


In case you missed it:

February 2017 (pdf)

January 2017 (pdf)

December 2016 (pdf)

November 2016 (pdf)

October 2016 - Seniors (pdf)

October 2016 - Age Group (pdf)

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016



Take the online self-assessment and gain a greater understanding of how the available resources can assist you in creating a culture of Safe Sport within your team.

There are six sections of the self-assessment, consistent with the six program areas of Safe Sport.  While there are not necessarily right or wrong answers to the assessment, the questions and the recommendations in the user guide are designed to provide a step by step map to create a Safe Sport culture on your team.

Take the self-assessment first.  When you are finished, you will receive a copy of your responses.  Use the guide to review your self-assessment with the other leaders of your swim club.  If you would like individualized feedback on your self-assessment, please contact Maggie Vail at (719) 866-3552 or

Safe Sport Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment User Guide

In case you missed it:
In case you missed it:

In case you missed it:
In case you missed it:

Swim Staff Select

SwimStaffSelect is a free, online resource to provide teams with the best hiring and HR tools. Club leaders will have the ability to create job descriptions and applications, interview scripts, and reference check forms, as well as have the capability to electronically store hiring records on a password protected site.  SwimStaffSelect was created in partnership with the Non-Profit Risk Management Center and offers hiring tips and best practices. 

SwimStaffSelect Home Page

SwimStaffSelect User Guide

Art Templates

Access the artwork for bag tags, meet announcements, posters, and other promotional materials here. You may use these templates to print your own materials. If you would like USA Swimming to order these materials for you using their vendors, please use the Materials Order Form or contact Paula D'Amico (  

Find Resources from Other Organizations

Other organizations, including youth sports organizations, advocacy groups, and youth serving organizations, provide useful resources that can deepen your club’s understanding of child protection and positive team culture.  
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