Broadcast Footage Requests

USA Swimming licenses footage for commercial/professional use only, including broadcast, multimedia, advertising, feature films, government, educational and industrial. USA Swimming does not directly sell footage or provide footage for personal use.


NOTE: USA Swimming does not have licensing rights to any Olympic Trials and Olympic Games footage. Follow this link to the U.S. Olympic Committee site for more information.

USA Swimming Broadcast Agreement

USA Swimming encourages local and network news outlets to cover events from an editorial perspective, and offers limited access to all non-Olympic events. The available access allowed by the rights-holder on behalf of USA Swimming, is outlined below. Each camera crew must sign this agreement to acknowledge the conditions and its agreement to meet these requirements. Any violation of these requirements will not only result in revocation of that affiliate’s credentials, but the cancellation of all access for the offenders’ organization.


1. Television news crews may tape footage of each session’s warm-ups and do live stand-ups until 20 minutes prior to the start of the session. This may be done from approved areas and will be coordinated by USA Swimming’s Media staff.


2. Television crews may shoot footage of the both morning prelim sessions and evening finals sessions, but must adhere strictly to highlight restrictions as outlined below. This may be done from approved areas away from the pool deck.


3. Television crews may shoot footage of all awards ceremonies, sponsor presentations and interviews. Post-event interviews must be conducted in the mixed zone.


4. Affiliates, web outlets or other non-rights-holders may not, under any circumstances, stream/broadcast race footage LIVE.


5. Television outlets may use no more than two minutes of aggregate race footage per each daily, regularly-scheduled newscast. There is no limitation placed on non-action footage such as interviews, awards ceremonies or press conferences.


6. Television outlets may distribute highlight footage via their wholly-owned, controlled website. Outlets may archive footage on their site for up to one year, but may not sub-distribute to any other website, including any partially-controlled or network-branded pages within another website.


7. Web-only broadcasters may only gather footage in non-competition areas approved by USA Swimming media staff, including the mixed zone and press conference room.


8. Web-only broadcasters may not show race footage unless said footage is provided by USA Swimming.

Footage Library

2014 Mutual of Omaha Pan Pacific Championships (also 2010, 2006)

2014 Phillips USA Swimming National Championships (also 2006-2013) 

2013 USA Swimming Foundation Goggle Goggle Awards

2013 Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool (also 2011, 2009. 2007, 2005, 2003)

2013 AT&T Winter National Championships

2013-14 Arena Pro Swim Series (also 2012-13, 2011-12)

Request Footage

Please contact Joel Stauffer regarding all requests for video footage.


Procedures and Rates

License fees vary depending on several factors, such as: intended use, territory, amount of footage used, and term of a project. Please contact Joel Stauffer regarding all footage request inquiries. No charges will be applied unless there has been signed approval by a client. There will be a $100 rush fee charged for requests that are required before the normal 2-week delivery period.

An on-screen, visual credit must appear at the end of the production. The specific credit required is outlined in the footage license agreement.

USA Swimming reserves the right to not license any material at its sole discretion.

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