Activate Your swAMBASSADORS  6/14/2012



So it's the Olympic summer, and who better to help us promote the sport of swimming than our very own swimmers? USA Swimming has created a new program that rewards swimmers for helping grow our sport and their clubs.



How do you get involved as their coach?


You already know that through Deck Pass, you can award digital patches to your swimmers for times, performances, dedication and more. Not signed up with Deck Pass? Click here to get started.


Now you can also award patches for helping grow the sport. Just give your own "street team," tasks each couple of weeks and get this nation thinking swimming!


Some ideas include:

1 - Bring a friend to team tryouts!

2- Wear your club t-shirt to school

3- Write a letter to your newspaper about why swimming is beneficial

4- Tell three neighbors about the availability of swimming lessons at your club


You get the picture.


In order to receive patches, your swimmers must have a Deck Pass account, first off.


Next, they need to sign up as a swAMBASSADOR to get their special "swAMBASSADOR" patch - awarded by headquarters exclusively for our street team members!


Finally, they can complete tasks sent to them by USA Swimming or by you to earn more patches and grow our sport!


Created by  Jamie Fabos  on  6/14/2012