Improving Your Reaction Time off the Blocks

This week’s Speedo Tip of the Week comes from USA Swimming’s biomechanics coordinator Russell Mark. Mark offers some advice on improving your reaction time off the blocks.


Mark’s Tip:
One thing you could do to improve your reaction time are drills on dry land.  You can start by just standing tall and relaxed with your hands at your side, and then clapping your hands as quickly as possible after hearing a whistle blown or a start signal.  You can progress to being in a modified start position and jumping up at the signal.  With practice, your entire body will adjust better to reacting to the command of a sound.  Another simple thing that could improve your reaction time is making sure you have a good start position on the blocks.  You should be in a position where you’re already ready to jump forward.  Have your knees bent, and don’t stand up on the blocks when the start signal goes off.

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