Frank Swigon (2017), Chair
Todd Adams (2017)
Clint Benton (2019)
George Block (2018)
Michael Gibbons (2017)
Ellen Johnston (2019)
Liz Kershaw (2020)
Hanna Lee (2017)
Richard Pockat (2018)
Herb Schwab (2020)
Jack Swanson (2017)
Lucinda McRoberts, Ex-officio
Pat Hogan, Staff Liaison


Mission Statement: To provide on-going evaluation of the structure of USA Swimming in
order to better assess the most efficient ways of conducting business and establish
accountability, and to consult and mentor members serving in governance positions.


Membership: The Governance Committee shall consist of eight members appointed by the
President, sufficient athlete appointments to constitute at least 20% of the voting membership
of the Committee, and the Secretary/General Counsel who shall have voice but no vote.
There shall be no current voting members of the Board of Directors appointed to this
committee. Each non-athlete member shall serve a four-year term, staggered so that onefourth
of such members are appointed each year.


USA Swimming Staff Liaison: As assigned
1. Review the governance practices of the Board of Directors.
2. Review the governance practices of the USA Swimming committees, continually
evaluating the committee system.
3. Mentor and consult with members of the Board of Directors and committees on the
responsibilities and accountabilities of membership on those groups.
4. Review the governance practices of the House of Delegates.
5. Monitor the relationship of the Board of Directors and other key volunteers with USA
Swimming paid staff.
6. Review USA Swimming compliance with the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act and the
USOC Constitution and Bylaws.

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