Ellaine Cox (2017), Coordinator
Ward Foley (2019)
Alexis Keto (2020)
Kara McHaney (2017)
Penny Taylor (2018)
Mike Unger, Staff Liaison

Mission Statement: To ensure that proper recognition is bestowed upon those persons who
have distinguished themselves by either their performance or contribution to USA Swimming.


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of four members appointed by the
President for a four year term and one athlete member. Terms shall be staggered so that
25% of the non-athlete members are appointed annually. With respect to the identification
and / or recipients of the awards presented by USA Swimming, other members of USA
Swimming may be included in the meeting.


1. To identify the nominees and / or recipients of awards presented by USA Swimming.
2. To approve the design of awards to be presented at USA Swimming Championship
meets and the annual meeting of USA Swimming.
3. To provide assistance in selection of awards to be presented at all USA Swimming
events, including the Golden Goggles.
4. To review requests and help with the creation of new awards. Proposals for new
awards musts meet with the approval of the USA Swimming Board of Directors.
5. To recommend to the USA Swimming Board of Directors necessary changes in criteria
of existing awards.
6. To submit for consideration the names of the best possible candidates in various
award or scholarship categories by outside organizations.
7. To assist the staff and President in all recognition programs.
8. To annually run the meeting of the previous winners of the USA Swimming Award for
the purpose of selecting the recipient of the USA Swimming Award.
Note: In the first year, it will be necessary to develop a nomination and selection process for
USA Swimming open water awards (Hummer, Male and Female Swimmer of the Year).
Thereafter, these awards shall be included under item #1 above.

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