Jayne Spittler (2019), Chair
Jamie Bloom (2017)
Wyatt Bradbury (2020)
Jessica Cooper (2020)
Traci Johnson (2018)
Timothy Lee (2017)
Michala Roan (2017)
Robert Scandary (2018)
Kate Scheuer (2019)
Morgan Weinberg, Staff Liaison

Mission Statement:
To strengthen USA Swimming by providing educational opportunities for
annual meeting participants.


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of eight members appointed by the
President for a four-year term and two athlete members. Terms shall be staggered so that
25% of the non-athlete members are appointed annually.


1. To coordinate and promote the conduct of workshops at the annual meeting.
2. To oversee the annual publication of the Guide to Committees.
3. To oversee the preparation and distribution of an orientation letter to first time
4. To evaluate the programs and workshops conducted at the annual meeting.

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