Mark Brown (2017), Chair
Scott Bliss (2018)
Joseph Gazzarato (2017)
Carol Healey (2017)
Tom Healey (2019)
Evan Johnston (2018)
Carole Lee (2020)
Jim Patterson (2019)
Erin Schwab (2020)
Jessica Zaper (2017)
Cathy Durance, Staff Liaison

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Mission Statement: To develop, administer, and communicate policies and procedures for
the registration of USA Swimming members and to assist USA Swimming in the
development, growth, education and enhancement of membership services.


Membership: The Committee shall be comprised of two athletes and eight members
appointed by the President. Non-athlete members shall serve a four-year term, staggered so
that 25% of the non-athlete members are appointed annually.


1. Design policy and procedures for registration of athlete and non-athlete, club and
seasonal membership for approval by the House of Delegates and/or the Board of
Directors and implementation by staff.
2. Coordinate the administrative functions of all membership registration.
3. Serve as the designee of the Board of Directors to review and make
recommendations on all organizational membership applications, including numbers
of delegates to the House of Delegates.
4. Promote membership in the corporation.

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